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Theresa Hoffman

I am a 2014 graduate of the New York Institute of Massage. Prior to pursuing my license as a massage therapist I spent 10 years working as a music therapist primarily with the wonderful elderly population who were receiving end of life palliative care in the nursing home setting. It was a joy and blessing in my life to know and serve these folks. I have since transitioned into my new career as a massage therapist. This is more than just a career change. It is a culmination of many years of my personal life experiences seeking healthy alternatives for wellness. This life long journey has brought me to a crossroad where now I can promote health and wellness through massage and the use of therapeutic grade essential oils. It is a privilege for me to care for you, to identify your soft tissue needs and address them with professionalism and compassion.











Theresa Rozanski

I worked as a licensed nail technician for almost 20 years, believing this occupation would take me right into my retirement, having no desire to give it up.  I loved being self employed, in control of my own schedule, meeting new people, while working in various salons, and finally having my own home studio at the later part of my career.

After 10 years in the field, I developed an allergy to the dust from my work environment.  The birth of my first grandchild caused me to assess my health concerns, especially since it wasn’t lessening but worsening as time went on.  

 After an 8 year battle, with no other options left, I knew this was unmanageable and decided it was time to retire from the business I loved.  

I grieved over this for a long time, but knew I had to move on to a different career.  I stepped into the arena of office work, working as receptionist, office manager, and admin assistant over the next eleven years.  I met so many sweet people through my different jobs doing admin work, yet never felt fulfilled.  

My friend, Theresa Hoffman, owns and operates Essential Care Massage and Wellness Spa in Alden, NY., the town in which both of us live.  

I would volunteer my time to help at the front desk with phone calls, scheduling, payments, laundry, or whatever else may be needed on this busy day.  I had no intentions of it being anything more than helping a friend out.  In just a couple of weeks I began to see what I had been missing all these years, a place to connect, build relationships, all the things I did as a nail technician.  My friend, Theresa Hoffman approached me and asked if I would consider doing manicures and pedicures holistically.  I felt totally inadequate, but knew a healthier approach to the job I loved for so many years could be beneficial not only for me, but for the clients we service as well.

I’ve been educating myself for years about the need for healthy diet and exercise, but working with Theresa H. has made me more aware of the toxins.  To compensate me for my time at the spa, spa owner Theresa H. invited me to an essential oil convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I was so amazed at all the health benefits of essential oils, this only confirmed what Theresa H. has been trying hard to convince me of for over 3 years.  I wasn’t a fan of the smells, and my cynical nature kept me believing it was just another trend, another way for a company to make money off of our desires to be healthy.  I truly thought it was just another gimic.  This was until several months ago, when my husband was at the peak of his pain levels from years of construction work and a spinal stenosis diagnosis.  Desperate for a solution that years of prescription pain medication couldn’t even remedy, we decided it may be time for a more natural approach.  A massage with Theresa H. helped alleviate some of his pain, and she sent him home with some essential oils to use in the interim.  Amazed at the benefits from a few drops of oils a couple times a day, has made my husband a new man.  He isn’t one of those easy to convince guys, so when I seen it working for him, I was sold!  I was a cynic turned believer! 

My return to the field of nail specialty is now done with a persons overall health in mind.  Women especially, seem to be the initiators in their families need for better health, so if we can have that as our primary concern, we are making headway in the growing wellness industry.  And if they can leave our place feeling educated, valued and pretty we are all winning!  

The mani/pedi process is different from what you would receive in most salons.  Using a holistic approach - considering the person as a whole, not just their hands and feet, but their physical, emotional, and spiritual well beings too.  

With a new and innovative method we can now determine what a person is needing in their life to be better balanced physically,  emotionally and spiritually, through a process using an iTOVi scanner.  

I jokingly told Theresa H. instead of "two peas in a pod" we are now “two T’s in a spa”.