Massage Therapy

Escential Care 

Find The Right Massage Therapy Service for YOU

Relaxation Massage

Find comfort and peace as this session will promote a sense of sedation and calm to your busy mind and tired body through the use of essential oils, heat packs and relaxation massage techniques.  This massage will address general tension and stress in your tissues. You can decide the depth of pressure you would enjoy. If you are in pain, experiencing limited movement and/or an injury to an area please schedule a medical massage.

Select a session time that suits your desired length of massage treatment. At the session you can choose how to use the time. Let us know if you want a full body massage, upper body massage or focus on a specified area of tension that is affecting you.  

60 minute – $65.00

75 minute – $80.00

90 minute – $90.00

Express Massage

30 minute – $40.00

Tight on time from your busy schedule but you slept wrong last night and just need a quick tune up to get through the week? You have 30 minutes to focus on one area like your head/neck, your back, or maybe you need some relief to your feet.  Heat packs and essential oils included in this treatment. We will make it worth your time and get you on your way!

Hot Stone Massage  

During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat, heated stones are incorporated into a relaxation massage to melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness and increase circulation and metabolism in your body.  The massage therapist will select different sized hot stones to  place on specific parts of your body ( back, legs, between toes and more) and also holds the heated stones in hand applying the heat into each massage stroke to relax and treat your sore, tired muscles. Heat packs and essential oils are included in all hot stone massages to enhance your overall experience of relaxation.

Full Body Massage

90 minute – $110.00

Massage includes head, neck, shoulders arms, hands, the entire back, glutes, legs and feet. The session will focus more time, as needed, to treating specific areas with significant tension, stress or pain.

Upper Body Massage

60 minute – $85.00

Massage includes head, neck, shoulders arms, hands  and the entire back and glutes. The session will focus more time, as needed, to treating specific upper body areas with significant tension, stress or pain.

Neck and Shoulders

45 minute – $60.00  

Massage is specific to treating the head, neck, shoulders and upper back.  

Full Back Massage

45 minute – $60.00

Massage is specific to treating the entire back and glutes

Aroma Touch Massage

40 minutes – $45.00

This technique was designed using a specific application of 8 essential oils to the back and feet to improve well-being by creating balance within the body emotionally and physically.  This technique is gentle and sedating promoting benefits of immune support, reducing physical stressors like inflammation, reduced emotional stress and balancing the body’s autonomic functions. It will leave you rested and renewed. ADD traditional Massage Relaxation treatment to this technique for $1.00 per minute in addition to the Aroma Touch session.

Thai  Massage for the Table  

75 Minute – $80.00

90 Minute – $90.00

Thai massage uses momentum, gravity, rocking, range of motion and assisted stretching to improve mobility, flexibility and range of motion in your body. It incorporates joint manipulation through range of motion with accupressure to energy lines of the body that access deep tissue release and also includes movements of  extension, flexion and twisting of the spine. It feels amazing! The benefits of Thai massage are a wonderful sense of relaxation, greater freedom of movement and reduced pain. It has been nickenamed “yoga for lazy people” and speaks to us all because most of us are guilty of not making time to stretch, even if we are athletic and working out regularly. Although traditionally provided on a floor mat, Thai Massage is now provided on a massage table.  In this session you will wear comfortable clothing likes sweatpants, leggings, or loose shorts and a t-shirt. No lotion or oils are used.

Maternity Massage

60 Minutes – $65.00

Enjoy a relaxing massage that provides relief of the muscular tension and discomfort created as your body adjusts to your growing baby. Selected essential oils that are safe during pregnancy are included to promote relaxation for your mind and body.  During this massage you will be able to lie on your belly using a support called “The Body Cushion” by Body Support Systems. Check out this system at

Medical Massage

Initial Visit 75 minutes – $80.00

60 minutes  – $65.00

45 Minutes  – $55.00

The goal of a medical Massage is to help eliminate pain, restore mobility and improve overall functioning using a variety of massage techniques. This treatment is customized to address conditions that have either been diagnosed by a physician or from a recommendation by other health care practitioners like your chiropractor or a physical therapist to address chronic pain issues or an injury. Conditions that can be treated with massage are Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, TMJ Symptoms, Trigger Point Pain, Sciatic Symptoms, Plantar Fasciitis, IT Band Syndrome, Piriformis Syndrome, Whiplash, and Migraines.

Techniques and tools that may be used in this session are: Cupping, Fascia Blasting, Positional Release, Active and Passive Stretching, Strain Counter Strain, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and Neuromuscular Therapy. These techniques will increase circulation, reduce or eliminate pain and inflammation, improve flexibility and posture, restore function, reduce stress and calm the nervous system. On your initial visit you will receive an assessment/evaluation by the massage therapist of your condition and together create a treatment plan to address the goals and desired outcomes of your treatment. Typically, a series of frequent visits are needed early on in treatment. This will be determined by your evaluation.

What’s unique at Escential Care is the inclusion of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils in each medical massage to assist the body in achieving these improved soft tissues conditions. We also offer with each massage the opportunity to pre-treat theses tissue in our Infrared Sauna. Read more about the benefits of the Infrared Sauna here. At your appointment you will arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled visit to use the sauna.